Military Ball Fundraiser Ideas

You didn’t think the government just comes along and foots the bill for military balls, did you? You’ve got to know better than that!

Like any other major event, military balls are paid for through ticket sales. If a service member wants to attend the ball, they must buy a ticket for themselves and their guest. And guess what—those tickets aren’t cheap.

Military ball tickets are sold on a sliding scale depending on pay level, but they’re still quite a hefty investment. Not to mention the up-front costs involved with putting on the ball itself.

Here are a few tried and true ideas to raise money for your military ball or to help defray the cost of tickets for service members.

  1. Sell customized merchandise

At we specialize in awesome customized products like bottle openers, shot glasses, glassware and more that military units love.

Navy Gifts

Take your pick from our line of gear for the Army, Navy, Air Force or Marines and customize it with your unit number or your favorite saying. Then, sell the custom item at a markup to friends and family members who want to show their support. These items also go over well with churches and community groups.

We offer guaranteed best pricing on our military fundraiser items, so you can get the most for your money and raise as much as possible. We’re happy to help you pick out the perfect fundraiser item—just get in touch.

  1. Host a cookout

When the weather heats up, get the community together for a benefit barbeque and ask for a recommended per-plate donation.

Local businesses are often more than willing to step up food, equipment or free advertising to help you out in exchange for their name on a sponsor banner.

Heads up—some branches have specific requirements for events where you’re serving food. Check first to make sure you’re not going to get in hot water.

  1. Make them run for it

We’re more comfortable on the couch, but for some reason people seem to love 5K races. Get in on the action and raise some money for your unit by holding one of your own.

Start promoting your race among local running groups and athletic stores about a month or two ahead. Charge an entry fee for each runner, and reserve a portion of the money for prizes to be awarded in different categories (women and men aged 20-29, 30-39, and so on).

  1. Hose yourselves down

Now I can only speak for Marines, but we look pretty damn good in wet t-shirts if I do say so myself. Take advantage of your assets and hold a car wash for a good cause.

The great thing about car washes is they’re the easiest way in the book to raise money. Once you’ve lined up a business to let you use their parking lot and water hookup, all you need is some soap, sponges and signs and you’ve got yourself a fundraiser.

  1. Stick it to your CO

Your commanding officer is always busting your chops—this is your chance to stick it to him under the guise of raising some much needed cash.

Set a lofty goal, say $2,500, and get your CO to take a jump in a freezing lake if you hit the mark with contributions from friends of the unit. Or, sell raffle tickets at an event like a cookout. People who buy in at $100 or more get to throw a pie in the CO’s face.

Sometimes military ball fundraising can be so, so sweet.

  1. Hold a silent auction

We don’t just make event souvenirs. We also have some awesome bigger ticket items like our Rotating A-10 Gatling Gun Bar Set that make great silent auction items.

Whether you need one auction gift or a dozen, we’ll make sure you’ve got the lowest pricing available so you can maximize the amount you make from your auction.

  1. Get into the holiday spirit

People are always feeling more giving around holidays. Capitalize on the season by creating and selling holiday ornaments or gifts customized for your unit.

Father’s Day and Mother’s Day are two more great options. Your unit can come up with a creative gift, like a “Dad of the Year” T-shirt that can serve as a fundraiser item. One of the funniest examples I ever saw was a baby t-shirt that said “Made by a Marine with Love.”

  1. Pony up your old stuff

Don’t try to pretend like your garage isn’t full of useless crap you haven’t touched in years. Clean it out (and make the wife happy in the process) and hold a massive unit-wide garage sale.

The best part of this fundraiser idea is that there’s zero up front cost, aside from maybe printing a few road signs. Everything you make from selling your junk is pure profit to put back into your military ball!


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