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What To Wear To A Military Ball: Guys Edition

Attending your first military ball is an awesome experience, but can also be a daunting one. We covered do’s and don’ts for what the ladies should wear in this post; now it’s time to tackle attire for the guys. Lucky for you, gentlemen, it’s pretty straightforward. I’ll give you the scoop from my own experience … Read more

What To Wear To a Military Ball: Ladies Edition

The guys have it easy: either they’re the service member and they’re wearing their dress uniform, or they’re the date and they’re in a nice suit or tux. They barely have to use any brain cells to figure out what to wear, but for the ladies, there’s a lot more effort involved! The bottom line … Read more

So You’re Going To Your First Military Ball… Here’s What You Should Know

You’re headed to your first military ball. Whether you’re a service member yourself or the lucky date of one, it can be overwhelming knowing what to expect. Not to mention there’s a lot of condescending advice floating around out there telling you that you must do this or absolutely can’t do that. In general, military … Read more

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March 14, 2017

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Jack Military Balls

Have Questions? Ask Jack

We’re proud to have Jack Ashby leading the team as Military Sales Advisor of  Jack  served on the planning committees for multiple Marine Corps Balls and other formal gatherings and knows firsthand how much hard work goes into putting together a military event. Originally from Portland, Oregon, Jack served in both active and reserve units and deployed to Afghanistan in 2011-2012.

He finished out his service with the Marines and joined the 2 Monkey family of companies in 2016.

Jack is your go-to man to find the perfect commemorative gift for your event, making sure you get the best possible price, guaranteed!