About Us

Whether it’s pricing, service or quality, our men and women in uniform deserve nothing less than the best. That’s why we created MilitaryBalls.com, a special division of 2 Monkey Trading dedicated exclusively to serving military and veterans’ groups nationwide.

In conjunction with our sister company Lucky Shot USA, it’s our promise to deliver the highest quality gifts and souvenirs for military balls, military events, silent auctions, veterans fundraisers, mess nights, graduations, retirement celebrations, and any other promotion involving our nation’s servicemen and women.

We got our start with our famous 50 Caliber Bullet Bottle Opener, which is crafted from a genuine once-fired U.S. military round and makes an awesome gift. You may have seen it featured on FOX News and other patriotic sites around the web.

Following its massive success, we expanded our line of military ball souvenirs to include .308 bottle openers, keychains, cannon round shot glasses, bullet-embedded glassware and even home goods, all designed specifically with our military in mind. Most of our products are engravable and can be customized with your organization’s colors, logo and slogan.

Whether it’s volume pricing on 5,000 souvenirs or a special discount on a once-in-a-lifetime retirement gift, we look forward to working with you to create a unique memento your recipient won’t soon forget!