5 Badass Military Gift Ideas

That special day is coming up—a birthday, a holiday, a career milestone—and you’ve got to find the perfect gift for your man or woman in uniform. The only problem? They’re impossible to shop for!

We feel your pain. We’ve done the hard work for you and compiled 5 badass gifts any serviceman or woman is sure to love—and you just might make their friends a little jealous too.

  1. 50 Caliber Bullet Bottle Opener

army gift idea

As you well know, the 50 Cal BMG is best known for its use in all of the military’s heavy machine guns, as well as a sniper round and for disabling lightly-armored vehicles.

Some of its more famous starring roles include a 1,765 yard shot by Steve Reichert, 2nd Battalion, 2nd Marine Regiment, United States Marine Corps during the Iraq War, and a 2,657 yard shot by Corporal Rob Furlong, 3rd Battalion, Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry during the War in Afghanistan.

We took the formidable round and turned it into a weapon of another variety, this one best suited for use cracking into your favorite beer.

  1. 30MM A-10 Warthog Shot Glasses

air force gift ideas

On February 21, 1991, the second day of ground maneuvers in Operation Desert Storm, two A-10 Warthogs from the 76th TFS of the 23rd TFW scrambled to respond to a column of Iraqi tanks seen on the move.

Though the tanks tried to scatter or take cover, the Warthogs and their powerful GAU-8/A Avenger seven-barreled cannons were too quick, and ultimately were able to obliterate six tanks in a matter of minutes.

We took the same type of 30MM shell casings fired by the formidable cannons and expertly crafted them into the perfect vessel for imbibing your favorite spirit. Cheers.

  1. 30MM A-10 Flask

military gift ideas

That same 30MM GAU-8 round we mentioned above? Here’s another use for it. We hollowed it out, cleaned and anodized it to turn it into the perfect discreet container for your booze—except this flask is so cool it’ll be tough to keep it tucked away!

  1. .308 Real Bullet Shot Glass

military gift ideas

A little history lesson for ya… one of the most popular and widely-used bullets in the world was actually pioneered by the US Army. The .308 was the commercial successor of the 7.62mm NATO cartridge. It was originally requested by the US Army Ordnance Department, who in 1944 asked for a shortened 30-06 cartridge based on the 300 Savage cartridge. The resulting .308 was revealed publicly by the Army in 1951 and formally adopted by NATO in 1954.

Now for the good stuff. We took the bullet and stuck it right in the side of a hand-blown shot glass that’s practically begging to be filled with some stiff single malt.

  1. Stainless Steel Beer Tanker

beer tanker

The 75MM Howitzer reached peak usage during WWII, when it was engineered to serve forces moving quickly across tricky terrain. The gun could be broken down and carried on pack mules, then reassembled by a group of soldiers in under five minutes.

Our stainless steel tanker combines three awesome components to form one legendary bar fixture: a 75MM replica shell, a genuine 50 Caliber BMG handle and of course, beer—24 ounces to be precise.

Ready to place your order? Get in touch at info@militaryballs.com for guaranteed lowest pricing for service members, veterans and their families.

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